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The Judicial Election Oversight Committee

The Judicial Election Oversight Committee


The Judicial Election Oversight Committee ("Oversight Committee") was created by Order of the Mississippi Supreme Court on November 30, 2021, under the authority of Canon 5F of the Mississippi Code of Judicial Conduct. The Oversight Committee is to enforce the standards of judicial conduct in judicial elections and provide an accessible forum for advisory opinions in judicial elections. The Oversight Committee shall have the responsibility to issue advisory opinions as to allegations of ethical misconduct in campaigns for judicial office. The Oversight Committee shall be responsible for elections of the Supreme Court, Court of Appeals, chancery court, circuit court or county court judges in this state.

The objective of the Oversight Committee is to alleviate unethical or unfair campaign practices in judicial elections and to provide assistance and direction to judicial candidates and their campaign committees.

See In Re: Code of Judicial Conduct, 89-R-99013-SCT (Miss., Nov. 30, 2021).

The Oversight Committee replaced the previous Special Committee on Judicial Election Campaign Intervention which existed under the prior version of Canon 5F.

The opinions issued, and actions taken by the Oversight Committee have not been approved, adopted, or endorsed by the Supreme Court of Mississippi.


November 30, 2021, Order of the Mississippi Supreme Court
Order establishing the Oversight Committee.

December 2, 2021, Order of the Mississippi Supreme Court
Order appointing members to the Oversight Committee.

Canons of The Mississippi Code of Judicial Conduct

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Any questions, requests for opinions, or complaints should be addressed to:
Judicial Election Oversight Committee
Attn: Rachel Wilson, Executive Director
Mississippi Commission on Judicial Performance
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