September 16, 2003


Members and Designees:
Sam Atkinson Kevin Lackey
Phil Bryant Cille Litchfield
Charles H. Chisholm David Litchliter
Cheryl Crawford John McAdams
Cliff Davidson Diane Wall
Bill Hanna Joel Yelverton
Others Present:
Julian Allen Claude Johnson
Chris Alley Glynn McMillen
Karen Alsworth Craig Orgeron
Ted Booth Susan Stewart
Cono Caranna Sara Watson
Chuck Carr Wende Weaver
Joey Craft Rodney Zeagler

Kevin Lackey called the meeting of the Task Force on Local Government Information Systems to order at 1:30 p.m. on Tuesday, September 16, 2003.

The minutes of the previous meeting were discussed. Change noted John McAdams attended and spelling of Gayle Chittmon was noted. A motion was made by John McAdams and seconded by Bill Hanna to approve those minutes.

Kevin introduced Chris Alley and Julian Allen who gave a report on Pennsylvania County Criminal Justice System Integration Effort. They also supplied the Task Force with a summary of vendors in the Justice Court and Circuit Court Systems. Chris noted on the last page under notes, information on Premise.

Kevin presented Cono Caranna, District Attorney of Second Circuit Court District, who informed the Task Force on the importance of the ASP system and the value it could bring.

Cheryl Crawford reviewed the minutes from the Survey Sub-committee. Bill Hanna developed the application instrument. John Mc Adamsí staff will conduct the application survey and have to Cheryl by September 24th. Kevin added that he has contacted all vendors and sent them the survey and only Heritage has responded. It was determined that more specific information was needed from Heritage. Kevin will contact them again.

Sam Atkinson wanted to be sure the municipalities were not excluded from this survey. She also provided a draft of a survey compiled for the cities.

The Framework Sub-committee presented its recommendation to the group. After a brief discussion the decision was made to list all the initiatives and reason for repeal extension. The motion to accept was made by Phil Bryant and seconded by Sam Atkinson.

The motion was made by Phil Bryant that each sub-committee have their plan of action, success so far, and outcome complied and to Kevin before the next Task Force meeting. The motion was seconded by Charles Chisholm.

The next Task Force meeting was scheduled for Tuesday, September 30, 2003 at 1:30 at the AOC conference room.

A motion was made by Phil to adjourn and seconded by Charles.

The meeting was adjourned at 2:45 p.m.