August 13, 2003


Members and Designees:
Sam Atkinson Kevin Lackey
Charles H. Chisholm Cille Litchfield
Cheryl Crawford David Litchliter
Cliff Davidson John McAdams
Gwen Ferguson Bennie Nutt
Bill Hanna Joel Yelverton
Clarke Holmes
Others Present:
Joey Craft Beverly Pettigrew Kraft
Jana Jackson Craig Orgeron
Claude Johnson Lee Anne Robinson
Michael Jones Susan Stewart

Kevin Lackey called the meeting of the Task Force on Local Government Information Systems to order at 1:30 p.m. on Wednesday, August 13, 2003.

The minutes of the previous meeting were discussed. A motion was made and seconded to approve those minutes.

On today's agenda was discussion of the vision statements. Vision statements were presented from Cille Litchfield, David Litchliter, and Kevin Lackey. The task force agreed that these statements are very similar. Cille, David, Joel Yelverton and Kevin agreed to meet before the next meeting to consolidate these statements into one. Sam Atkinson wanted to be sure that municipalities fit - should they be included in the decision-making process; should they help fund; and, if so, where should the funding come from.

Then, discussion on reports from other states was presented. Joel has contacted NACO, and they will gather and give information to him at a later date. Joel suggested that most of the information they will provide is similar to what he has now. Cille noted the website for Texas Department of Information Resources: www.texasonline.com. Two reports from that website she referenced were "Reducing State Reporting Burden on the Texas Cities and Counties" and "Texas Justice Integration Initiative Plan". Lee Anne Robinson, with PEER, also recommended www.myfloridacounty.com. Kevin showed a report "Tying a Sensible Knot" by the Center for Technology and Government, University of Albany and State University of New York. Kevin will provide links to online documents.

Subcommittees will be formed, each working with the elements of the report to ITS. Kevin showed a draft of a chancery clerk survey that he would like presented to gather information from chancery clerks. It was noted that the Secretary of State's office has recently completed a survey of circuit clerks. Clarke Holmes reminded the task force that due to public access needs, one piece of information could be used multiple times. One framework is needed for everyone to buy into. Page 8 of Kevin's draft survey noted the public access aspect. Clarke noted the need to include other duties of the chancery clerk. John McAdams noted Harrison County's example that everything is interfaced through one system. John mentioned the importance of the type of system, type of data and how to collect data. Sam Atkinson and John McAdams agreed that a separate survey for cities and counties should be completed noting that the system chosen should allow them to communicate with one another. It was suggested that the survey should include networking questions.

Cheryl Crawford made a motion to form a subgroup to create survey instruments. This motion was seconded by Cille. The motion was carried without objection. Cheryl will chair this subgroup. The subgroup is made up of Clarke, Cille, David, Kevin, Joel, and Sam. They will meet before the next task force meeting.

It was noted that several members of the Task Force also serve on the Secretary of State Advisory Committee and GIS Task Force. They volunteered to be liaisons between this task force and those committees.

Sample survey instruments and a consolidated vision statement should be ready to present at the next meeting which is scheduled for Tuesday, August 26, 2003 at 1:30.

The meeting was adjourned at 3:10 p.m.